Monday, March 28, 2011

Today has been an insane day...

It stared when I woke up- the cats had caught a mouse & lovingly put it beside me- IN BED! ack! I like all animals, but staring at a dead mouse first thing before coffee just wasn't on my list of things to do this morning.

I volunteer at a food giveaway site... we were unloading a truck, and a tub (5 gallon) of sticky bun frosting fell on my foot, popped open and I had sticky shoes to walk back home in. Better than the mouse, but unfortunately I was wearing Crocs so my foot hurts and the frosting went through the holes !

Then because of a link, people were pointed to my puny little blog for a twitter party. Not that I mind you all visiting my little secret place on the web, but it caused confusion and wasn't my fault. If you come back, I probably will bore you to tears with either lack of posts or lackluster writing, but you can come back.

It is only 5pm, I have a headache and my house is still a mess & people are hungry - have a good Monday!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Salonpas Review

  My husband and I are older- meaning some aches and pains, but this winter, David broke his ankle.
He had a plate on one side and screws on the other and was on pretty heavy pain meds for a few weeks.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to salonpas pain patches via a twitter party and had received some samples. I actually had my doubts, and hadn't tried them myself even though I had plenty of aches and pains due to taking over the shoveling since hubby couldn't do it this winter.

Hubby had just been put into a 'walking boot', and pain meds were being decreased. He had tried various rubs and creams that didn't seem to do much and he couldn't wrap over them either since their instructions generally say not to. He needed pain relief in that specific area, and something that could be wrapped.  I remembered the salonpas patches I had gotten a couple weeks prior, and told him it couldn't hurt to try them.

To say I was amazed is an understatement. He cut one patch in half and applied it to either side of his ankle. It didnt bother the incision ,(pretty well healed), there was no iriitation and he was able to wrap over the salonpas patches. He said it felt great and he could feel them working! It made using his walking boot bearable, and I went to WalMart and purchased more. He still will use a salonpas patch over taking an asprin or other pain reliever now if it is a muscle ache or localized pain.

I give the Salonpas patch a two thumbs up!

*This is not a paid review, nor did I receive a product in return for writing this*