Friday, September 10, 2010

As you get Older

As you get older, there are more funerals. I am not talking about the 60 and 70ish age group- it's the late 40s and early 50's this seems to begin (if you're lucky enough not to have experienced it sooner)

There are friends, relatives, people you have known, and it always seems to take you by surprise. With some, it isn't unexpected if they have lead risky lifestyles, but even then, your own mortality hits you in the face.

I remember when my Dad passed away- I was 15, but my own mortality didn't surface. When my Mother passed when I was 35, it was a fleeting thought, although the word 'orphan' had a meaning to me as both parents were gone.

Now, having turned 50, almost on a weekly basis, there are of course 'older' people like previous teachers or 'elderly' relatives who pass away, but, mixed in are peers. Classmates, friends etc are amongst those who have passed away. The 'cause' of course, is never old age- although occasionally they say natural causes.

Today, an Uncle who is only 10 years older went in- he is to have quadruple bypass and there is a chance a leg will be amputated. He lived right, never smoked, never drank, he tithed, the man could have been a priest, and now he is hurting. It makes a person wonder if anything makes a difference.

And of course, is what is beyond.

No more funerals for awhile............. please.