Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Tech Makeover

Technology sure could change my Holidays & help me in my day to day life!

My husband runs a small business, and being up to date would be a wonderful thing! He doesn't have a laptop to write estimates up in the field (he is a carpenter) so it is always up to me to do it on an older desktop when he gets home. It would save him time being able to make notes, or show potential customers pictures of past jobs, and to be able to reference prices etc when asked. It would help a small business become more successful and alot more professional!

My husband works hard, so the Sony TV? Well lets say he could watch his Packers in style, kick back and get some well earned rest!

I have a small out of pocket cat rescue- it would be great to be wireless here at home! I often take pictures of cats that are ready for forever homes, and spend way too much time glues to this computer chair- being wireless would be a dream that Intel could provide!

Intel at could make this dream a reality!

So I am entering the contest at Blissfully Domestic & hoping for the best !