Monday, August 2, 2010

More about Tannawings -or the name anyway!

    Some folks out there have inquired about my screenname tannawings. Most mispronounce it saying 'tan' like tanning ! The right way is actually a rhyming with the name DONNA  except with a "T" instead of a "D" of course.  So , it it is pronounced 'ton-na-wings' rather than tan-na-wings.

   The name comes from a siamese cat who owned me. His name was Tan'na. He is who inspired me to go into cat rescue. He was my faithful companion for 17 wonderful years. I still think of him and miss him dearly although there are many cats in my life now.

  Even my avatar of the siamese with a halo is in his honor. A friend made that for me close to five years ago, and I still use it everywhere. If you see tannawings, it is always me... after I reup my photobucket account there will be pics of some of the great animal who have left pawprints on my heart.