Friday, August 20, 2010

Surprise, I like Blogging!

Maybe it is the outlet, perhaps it is the freedom to write almost anything I feel, but in any case, blogging is pretty alright !

At some point I hope to do reviews... and I want them to be geared to women not so much who would fall into a "Mommy Blogger" category- but something for those of us with grandchildren, gardens, crafting inclinations . I would also like to do reviews for things men -goodness knows after 25 years of being married, I might not understand them more but can certainly give an opinion.

As the wife of a carpenter, and one who has co-owned for over 25 years, reviewing building materials, software, or things related would also come naturally.

I also have done cat rescue for many years and am well versed in TNR and animal advocacy. I also volunteer my time at the local food bank and can certainly give a voice to people in need.

All in all, I think age gives you wisdom, and I hope to share my opinions someday!